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About Dr. Telepun
Celebrating 24 Year Of Practicing In Decatur!
Serving The Needs Of Patients In Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, Florence and Muscle Shoals

About Me

I would like to sincerely thank all of the patients and families in Northern Alabama that have trusted me with their care over the past 24 years!

Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Gordon Telepun and I have been practicing plastic surgery in Decatur for 24 years. I am the first Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to practice in Decatur full time.  After graduating from Boston University Medical School I completed a 5 year general surgery residency at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland serving as administrative chief resident in my final year.   I then did my 2 year plastic surgery residency at Medical College of Virginia, in Richmond, Virginia.  Following that residency I did another fellowship year of plastic surgery at The Institute for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.  Here I worked under Dr. Patrick Maxwell and Dr. Jack Fisher, two world renowned cosmetic and breast reconstructive surgeons.  During my time in Nashville I also did laboratory research on capsular contracture around saline breast implants.

So I had 8 years of surgical training before I opened my practice in Decatur.  I am board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and recently completed my second round of re-certification of my boards.  The American Board of Plastic Surgery, founded in 1937, it is the only American Board of Medical Specialties board that certifies plastic surgeons.   I am an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which is the largest society of plastic surgeons in the United States.

Prior to August 1993, when I moved to Decatur, the services of plastic and reconstructive surgery were not available in this city.  I brought the practice of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery to Decatur.  I was thrilled to be affiliated with Decatur General Hospital and bring the techniques of plastic surgery to this town.  I trained the nursing staff at Decatur General Hospital, both in the operating rooms and on the patient floors.  I worked with the hospital to obtain the proper instrumentation to enable the practice of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at the hospital.  In the 24 years that I have been in practice in Decatur I have treated thousands of patients with the techniques of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Decatur Morgan Hospital in now part of the Huntsville Hospital System and the administration works tirelessly to achieve and maintain a high quality medical institution.  This next decade will see the investment of millions of dollars for improvements to the facility.