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Chemical Peels and Products

Chemical Peels

I offer one chemical peel in the office for skin freshening, The Perfect Peel.  Peel products have become more advanced, safer and predictable over the past 20 years.  I have done many types of peels in the past.  Now I use the Perfect Peel.  It is a proprietary mixture of peeling chemicals that provides a nice, predicable facial peel for patients.

I do chemical peels a many women who have full time jobs.  Here is how I do it.

Wednesday:   I do your peel on Wednesday afternoon after work.
Thursday:       On Thursday you can wear make up to work and your skin will feel tight but you will not start peeling and no one will know you had anything done.
Friday:            On Friday you can wear make up again and by Friday afternoon you peel start to peeland by the end of the day your make up will start to loosen and flake.
Weekend:       Saturday and Sunday is when 90% of the peeling will occur.  You will not wear makeup and use the facial lotion that comes with the Perfect Peel.
Monday:          By Monday morning your face will be ready for make up again although there cna be some areas on your face that are slightly flaky.

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During my 24 years in practice I have seen dozens and dozens of skin care products come and go.  The "cosmeceutical" companies are always releasing the latest and greatest lotion to make you look younger.  Believe me, it's all marketing hype!

Through time I realized that there are three active ingredients that have stood the test of time and really have an effect on the skin.  Those are tretinoin (Retin-A) for skin health, hydroquinine for bleaching brown spots and glycolic acids for sloughing old surface skin cells.  Therefore, I limit the products I recommend and sell in the office to products that contain these active ingredients.  For that reason the only skin care product I sell in the office isn the Obagi Nuderm System. 

Skin Care Products

Obagi Nuderm

The Obagi Nuderm system is the gold standard skin care program for middle aged women that want to try to maintain the best looking skin possible.  It is a multi step process that includes the three active ingredients discussed above, trentinoin, hydroquinone and glycolic acid.  The system provides for the application of the ingredients in a manner in which they get their maximum effect.

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