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Body Contouring Procedures

It's important to understand that only board certified plastic surgeons go through rigorous training the includes all areas of the body, from the head and face, down to the lower legs.  Not only are they trained in cosmetic surgery of these areas, they are also trained in reconstructive procedures for these areas.  That makes them uniquely qualified to assess a patient's body contouring complaints and recommend the appropriate procedure. 

Regarding recommending procedures, plastic surgeons are trained to offer everything from the smallest amount of touch-up liposuction to the largest full abdominoplasty including muscle weakness repair. 

Regarding safety, plastic surgeons are trained to offer these procedures in the safest manner possible.  This is true whether they perform surgery in the hospital setting or within an office operating suite.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons requires that all office operating room suites used by plastic surgeons be certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

If you are considering any body contouring procedure understand the benefits of choosing a board certified plastic surgeon.

I dislike the term "mommy make-over" but basically what it is indicating is that pregnancies take a toll on the body.  The physiologic and the anatomic changes of a pregnancy stretch abdominal skin and muscle, result in unwanted fat deposits and cause breast enlargement and/or breast sagging.  But I also do abdominoplasties on males who have lost weight and gynecomastia (breast) surgery on males. 

Let's review some of the body contouring procedures I offer.

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Liposuction is the easiest procedure to offer patients with small to moderate pockets of fat and no loose skin.

This can be done on the neck, arms, the sides of the chest, the abdomen, flank, inner and outer thighs. 

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Mini-abdominoplasty is a perfect procedure for the patient that needs some liposuction of the abdomen and waists but also has a small amount of loose skin on the lower abdomen that would be made looser by the liposuction.

So the mini-abdominoplasty adds a skin excision on the lower abdomen to remove that skin.  Sometimes I will add an adjustment to the belly button.  Sometimes I will add some muscle tightening.

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Mini Abdominoplasty
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Full abdominoplasty is the procedure needed for the patient that has a great deal of excess skin either from the stretching of pregnancy or after weight loss.  This procedure removes the maximum amount of skin and usually includes abdominal muscle tightening.

I also make sure that I address and sagging that might be present in the mons pubis area.

Liposuction is done to the flanks and waist.

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Full Abdominoplasty
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Breast that have a lot of sagging, meaning the nipple hangs lower than the fold behind the breast, are breasts that need lifting.  Often women have enough breast volume to their breasts, it's just that the breast tissue is low and hanging in the skin envelope.  Sometimes these women think they need implants, but they don't, they just need their own breast tissue back up on the upper chest. 

To increase the strength of the lift I also do internal stitching of the breast tissue to hold it up on the chest.  Many times the women are happy with their breasts at this point.  After they live with this for a while, if they still want more volume, later I can place implants now that the breasts have been adjusted to correct position on the chest. 

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Breast Lift
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Breast reduction is a procedure that reduces the weight and the size of the breast while also lifting the nipple as done with a breast lift.  This procedure is a lifesaver for women who are tired of large breasts and constant strain in their upper back, neck, and shoulders.

Many women have dealt with it for so many years that their bra straps create indentations in their shoulders.

This is generally the only body contour procedure that is easliy covered by insurance as medically necessary.  For patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, I can quite easily get insurance coverage for you.

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Breast Reduction
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Arm lifts are a good procedure for my massive weight loss patients.  These patients get tired of their loose, floppy upper arms.  Sometimes they are unhappy with the bulk or diameter of their arms.

When the arms are thin enough, the elliptical excision of the excess skin works well.  Of course, it does have the trade-off of the inner arm scar.

If the arms are still thick with fat, sometimes I will recommend liposuction first to de-bulk the arms and then go back and remove the skin in about 6 to 8 months when the skin becomes loose.

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Arm Lift
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Inner lifts are a good procedure for a range of patients but I mainly do this procedure on my massive weight loss patients. These patients tend to get loose skin of varying degrees and positions on their inner thighs.  Sometimes I can do the lift high on the thigh and hide the scar in the groin crease.  Sometimes the extra skin is so low that thick that I have to do the excision right where the excess lays.

The procedure does create a scar, but most of these patients will accept the trade-off.

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Thigh Lift